Package 3 $200

Comes with: (2) 10×13, (2) 8×10, (4) 5×7 + (16) Wallets
Choose 4 Poses, Max 5 People
($10 fee per person applies for groups of 5)
Additional poses $35

Limit 5 People with Package 3. $10 fee per person applies for 5 people.

Get an extra pose with a either (1) 8×10 or (2) 5×7 or (8) Wallet size sheet print.

Retouching: Skin Tone Correction, Teeth/Eye Whitening, Blemish and Stretch Mark Removal, Face and Abdominal Slimming
Metallic Paper: Don’t want matte photo paper? Get vibrant colored, high shine photos, printed on Kodak Metallic Photo Paper.

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$10 fee per person applies for groups of 4 people.
Graduation sessions are for one person only. Additional people or grads require additional package.
Subject To Change Without Notice

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